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Sylvir's P15: Time to Gear Up and Power Up!

   Before we get started, know that the location Sylvir travels to is a mod. If you want to check out the mod, look in my mods section. It should be near the bottom in the updated section.

   I just woke up and Bards... are literally... Satan. I woke up to Sven playing his dumb ass drum and I was tempted to shove his head through it. But, I have better things to do. I need to head out east and find this arena.

   Hey guess what I found, an idiot that wants to pick a fight with me in the morning! Let's kill him and show that I am not a force to mess with in the morning.

   After taking an arrow to the side, the cat has fallen! Can't believe he wanted to kill me in the middle of the day. With this stealth clothing, he should have attacked at night. Even so, I don't think he would have a good chance with that short sword and dagger. Now, I am gonna check to see what he has.

   Seems someone wanted me dead and this doesn't make me too happy. Some person named Astrid ordered him to kill me. Note to self, kill Astrid next time I meet him/her unless there was a good reason for this, which is probably unlikely.

   Alright, I am at what I call the crossroads to the east! Now, I will be heading into Stormcloak territory. I never even came near to Whiterun back when I saw the first dragon, but now, I am going even further away from Riverwood. Well, time to explore and find a new part of Skyrim!

   I came across my first enemy of the east and he had what I hated most of all, magic. A necromancer with a nice chest of loot perhaps? He wasn't that hard but of course, he had to resurrect the dead like some kinda freak.

   Inside, he had something that looked amazing. Engraved was a faded name but what I could read is Soul Collector. A unique set of armor and a unique weapon, jackpot!

   The armor fits perfectly and I feel, better. I feel like I can take on the world and now, I don't look like an imperial. Time to head to the arena in style but first, let's get a good feel for my new weapon.

   The sword is very unique and it feels light. This feels like the perfect weapon for me to use. I cannot wait to try out the weapon.

   I finally got my chance to try out my weapon. Some wolves attacked and I must say, I am better with the bow. But, Jenassa was the only thing holding back those who got close. I need the ability to take care of fighters who come into close range. I feel I will learn allot about the way of the sword during my training.

   Great, a toll road by some bandits. I would fight them but, I don't really have the time to waste a fight with them. The bandit is staring at me writing in my journal and I think I am going to ask for a smaller toll.

   Well that went well. I am on my way and the toll was only 50 gold. I know I could have escaped but hey, ti's just 50 gold. I am not a person who is afraid to lose pocket change.

   The mountains have some beautiful sights. I wonder if I will ever jump into an even more beautiful world but hey, I am enjoying the sights I am getting now.

   The view from being on this mountain is pretty great. I feel like I can see hours away and that is probably true. I wonder if there is a greater chance to find a dragon out here. If so, I better get strong quick!

   I found an Orc who took care of a few saber tooth cats. Apparently, he is waiting for a good death before he gets too old. I am glad I am not an Orc because they shorten their own life spans. I think this will be a good test of my strength.

   Well, the Orc is dead and he hurt quite a bit. Luckily I had a potion or I may have not been his good death. I wonder if using a potion is considered cheating or not.

   The arena is coming up and I am thrilled to get to work on my skills. I don't know how long I will be here but heck, this will be worth it.

   I found the arena and it's smaller then I thought. But I remember what that man said and it thrilled me.
"To the east lies an arena made by the Dwemer. It took years of research to discover it's true purpose due to it being disguised. The arena has trained countless warriors and allowed them to adept to the lands of Skyrim. The water that falls onto the arena allows the body to get used to the cold. Finally, it has the ability to summon copies of people and creatures found in these harsh lands. The reason it can do this is unknown but I must say, those that want to get stronger, some seek out this arena."

   At the entrance, I can definitely tell it's made by the Dwemer. It seems to be pumping water or doing some kinda magic thing. I know I generally hate magic but if I can use this construct fueled by it and not have to touch the magic, I will do so if it makes me stronger.

   Taking a look at the inside, it has some fountains and a few buttons. Sitting in the chair allows a huge amount of buttons to come from the floor that do who knows what. After exploring this place, I may test out the arena function of it.

   In the back, I found some beds and a few tables to use for those training. The beds look like crap and are probably even worse then the beds in prison.

   Wow, so this arena is also a bathhouse. That is the part that worried me so I hope it's worth coming all this way. It has some soap and towels to use and heck, at least I will be clean.

   Beside the beds I found three chests that are in the walls. Seems like a nice place to keep my stuff till I leave so I can lighten what I am carrying. To the left of the chests is three levers and I will turn them to see what they are for.

   The bath house part of the arena has been revealed! The water falling on the arena is pretty cool but I think I will keep it off till I train up my strength. I think being cold while fighting is not a good idea.

   The button in the front seems to be a simplistic machine that allows me to choose what to fight. I think I will try the first button and see what happens.

   The button seems to be summoning something, I will tell you what happens once it stops summoning whatever is coming to face me.

   Two seekers came out and they weren't easy to fight. They weren't horrible but I feel I could fight tougher enemies. I tried the button a second time just a moment ago and the same enemy came out! It looks like I am going to have unlimited fights with this bath house.

   I am about to try the second button. I am hoping that I don't get something too hard but hey, this bath house may be overrated.

   When I pressed the button, a saw a man with a large axe. At this point, I thought maybe he was a simpler enemy and the other direction is where the harder enemies is.

   But I nearly died from this experience so, I know he is tougher then the Seekers. I am looking forward to kicking this enemies ass and I hope I find this warrior in real life one day.
   Now, I am going to train on the Seekers and this man for the next few days. Once I feel like I can fight this man, I will head out and possibly head out to find the Greybeards. Wish me luck journal and see you in the next few days.

NOTICE: There is more under the skill increases! Normally I don't do this but I did this time!

   Armsman (2/5): One-Handed weapons and unarmed attacks do 20% more damage.

   Armsman (3/5): One-Handed weapons and unarmed attacks do 30% more damage.

   Armsman (4/5): One-Handed weapons and unarmed attacks do 40% more damage.

   Steady Hand (1/2): Zooming in with any ranged weapon slows time by 25%.

   Dual Flurry (1/2): Dual wielding attacks are 20% faster and deal 10% less damage.

   Armsman (5/5): One-Handed weapons and unarmed attacks do 50% more damage.


   Two weeks have passes and currently it is freezing outside. But even soaking wet, the cold is no longer bothering me. My skill with the sword is allot better and I am thrilled to leave the arena. It did me well but, I am ready to live my life again. I need to go tell this Greybeards I am not interested in this shouting nonsense.

   So from where I am, I need to head west and go to a small town called Ivarstead. Apparently it's the brother town of Riverwood but I will be the judge of that since Riverwood is my home. Anyways, time to go get my supplies and head on out.

   Getting my stuff, I found a sword I know wasn't on the table. The blade is light enough for one hand yet, it's very durable. It's probably the best looking sword I have ever seen. With it, I found a note and it kinda disturbed me a little yet, intrigued me.

Dear Dragonborn,

   I am old enough to tell you are the recent Dragonborn and I can tell you are a rift between worlds at the same time. I don't know about your past but I can tell you this because I have a high amount of Wisdom. Anways, I have been watching you train and I must say, I used to train here as well. Seeing someone train just as hard as me is surprising. Most people can't take down the first human in the system yet you did it dozens of times.
   So, because of your dedication I decided to make you a blade fitted for a warrior such as yourself. I didn't maximize it's ability but it's up to you if you want to improve it further. Don't worry, I am a master smith as well as a hero.
   If we get the chance, I would like to meet you but till then, get stronger young dragonborn. Know, I didn't like my fate either but when the gods choose a fate such as this, it isn't something you want to ignore. If you ignore your fate, you can have a normal life but if you follow it, you too can become a hero.


   So now that the letter is in my journal I must say that I will think about learning this shout nonsense. The idea of becoming a hero doesn't sound that bad. I will decide once I get there and if I enjoy using these shouts thing. Maybe they will enhance my fighting ability further but I am not sure about that as of now.

   With both swords in my hand and now using the duel wielding style I wanted to use, I am ready to go out and face the harsh world of Skyrim.


   Notice: Wow, I have allot of these out of characters things don't I? Anyways, you may have noticed my Skyrim isn't the most beautiful thing in the world. I have felt the world could look allot better and in the next chapters, I will be attempting to do so. Expect more stunning screenshots and now, the story of Sylvir is truly beginning.
   One more thing, we are getting pretty close to the second hero of the story coming into the story. Bam the Orc is nearing Skyrim so in a few more posts, I expect to start Bam's story. Remember, he is in another dimension so if you see duplicate posts, it's because of that. Thanks for reading and have a good day readers! :D

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