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Sylvir's P14: An Unexpected Meeting... Twice!

  Sorry my posts halted for a bit but I did give a warning. You may also notice I now am adding titles to my posts. Expect some posts to have longer titles for now on. Now that certain conditions that I gave myself have been set, we can continue with the next part of the story! Let's do a little bit of a recap in the next paragraphs and then, we can start with this journal post. If you don't wanna read the recap, it will be in red.
   Oh and one more thing, this post has a little bit of checking out a mod. I thought it looked nice and I wanted to show you so I had Sylvir talk about it a bit.

   Sylvir was a simple man and had a simple life. That is, after he escaped from the clutches of jail. He settled down in Skyrim and began a peaceful life which involved hunting and improving his bow skills. Yet, a fateful event took place that changed his life forever. A dragon flew overhead and this gave him the desire to hunt the glorious beast. But a little worried, he checked on a place called Helgen, somewhere he feared because of the executions.
   What he found at Helgen would set his course to explore Skyrim and do things he wouldn't have done without motivation. The hold of Helgen fell and not a sole survived the horrid event. If this happened to Helgen, what would happen to the other keeps? Sylvir decided to warn Riverwood, a place he normally sold his kills.
  Riverwood understood the issue and sent Sylvir to Whiterun to talk to the Jarl. After a trip to the unknown parts of Skryim where Sylvir avoided, he found Whiterun and talked to the Jarl Balgruuf. He told Sylvir that he needed to help a mage with his work and the mage pointed his work needing a Dragonstone from Bleak Falls Barrow. Sylvir didn't do suicide missions so instead, he took a bounty to test his strength. He found his bow skills were allot better then he thought.
   Even though Sylvir nearly died trying to kill the bandits, he felt pretty good. He felt he needed some more man power. He found Jenassa and decided to test her strength and their battle skills together. From a group of magic users to a group of bandits, Jenassa proved herself and even took the heart of Sylvir. They then leaped into the dark legendary cave, Bleak Falls Barrow. The journey was easier with Jenassa and they found something interesting.
   A wall of words forced Sylvir to learn something he had seemed to forgotten and after retrieving the Dragonstone from a powerful undead, they returned for grave news. A dragon has showed up and Balgruuf was ready to send his troops. Sylvir half way to the dragon sighting realized he was only sending five men to fight in, yet that was enough. Sylvir got the final shot on the dragon and a mystical energy similar to the wall of words, overflowed within him.
   He was apparently Dragonborn, and that meant he could use some untrustworthy magic. Sylvir had realized by this dragon slaying that it wasn't one dragon that is awakening, it is many. The world of Skyrim is going to be dangerous but at least he has Jenassa, or so he thought. Jenassa was hit by a guard in the heat of the battle and finished off by the dragon.
   Seeing this sight enraged Sylvir and upon return, he was given a replacement Lydia. He shot the Jarl in the face and ran away. He become a fugitive till he turned himself in days later. Now, Sylvir is in jail for the horrible deeds he has done. To him, nobody in the world could understand his pain. This is the story of Sylvir, and let it continue... now.


   Well you wouldn't believe it Journal, but I am out of jail. I am aching from the crappy jail bed and I am starving due to that crappy jail food. Even the water was crappy but hey, none of this is as crappy as the reason I went to jail.
   I just talked with Balgruuf and he let me keep my title because of understanding. I can't believe this, even after all I do, he forgave me and let me be a VIP of the town. Well that just pisses me off a little but hey, can't stay mad at the guy. I doubt if I hurt his pretty little face again, he wouldn't let me keep the title. But right now, I am not feeling like having jail time. Right now, I feel like having a drink.

   I found a drinking buddy outside but I had to tell you about who I met in the local tavern Journal. I found this man named Markus. Upon entering the place, It seemed as if I was in another world. Some magic surrounded me and literally made me think I was under attack. But then, I was in a more dull looking world that surprised me.
   Inside, I met a man named Markus. At first, he was quite suspicious of me due to the fact he bought me a drink so I don't go killing anybody. Apparently, he lost someone to an Imperial and well, I am wearing Imperial clothing.
   After a bit of explanation, he starts to trust me more but the garb I am wearing seems to make him angry. Here, I realize I need to get out of this so guys like this don't kill me on sight. Was my drink poisoned, I hope it wasn't. Now I am writing while being worried, great. Anyways, back to the story.
   We talked and apparently we are both a bit of hunters. I explained I kinda moved from that to be a headhunter due to the amount of bandit jobs I have been doing. Then, we begin to talk about our crappy pasts.
   Markus lost a lady and well, this proves something to me. When I disappear, it is like I join another world! Markus married Ysolda and in my world, she isn't married. I was thinking, could I tell him that if I forced him into my world, he could meet his love again? I decided not to tell him and instead, begin drinking as fast as I can to begin my problems.
   Then, I tell him about Jenassa and my past. He agrees that is is pretty fucked up but it seems we have the same issue on different scales and for different reasons. I was hoping at this time, I could talk to him and get him to forgive the Imperials. He hated them and I couldn't tell him I am more on the Imperial's side. But even with my speech skills, he wouldn't listen to me because of a few too many drinks. I even learned he is taking drugs because of this.
   Markus, he is a man who has similar problems but in a way, allot worse. Now, here is when I do something unthinkable. I tore a page out of you, sorry Journal. But, I gave him a page explaining our conversation. Hopefully, he will find this page when the time is right and it will help him to get better. It was around this time that I got Markus to head on back and I stumbled outside.
   Guess what, now I am back in my non dull world. I accidentally used this "spell" on the way out, maybe I use it allot more when drunk. I don't know, maybe this "spell" is what got me out of jail. Maybe this "spell" is something I am imagining because I have had a few too many if you know what I mean. Anyways, I am going to go drink... night journal.

   I have the worst hangover, ever. I just woke up outside Ysolda's house and she threatened to call the guard on me if I didn't leave. I am about to, but this reminded me of Markus. I think I am going to Riverwood to find him. Maybe we can travel together and even if it's a crazy idea, maybe we could join the Stormcloaks and try and free Skyrim. Anyways, I am going to head to Riverwood and see if I can find him.

   Exiting Whiterun, I found a weird warrior I can not spell and barely say. Apparently him and his friend is looking for a Redguard woman. I don't think I am going to get involved but heck, they are wanting to pay me. Maybe after I find Markus?

   Upon entry of Riverwood and exploration. You couldn't imagine what I found. I found a DIFFERENT Riverwood! Nobody knows me and it is like... I never existed here. Last night, I wrote about a "spell" that I used to go into another world. Maybe it's more like another dimension and maybe... could this be an aftereffect of the elder scroll? This is big, I have a weird type of magic in me. I, I might throw up a little if I keep thinking about it. I am going to look for Markus, maybe this is his dimension?

   Unlike before, there are rails on the pathways going over the river. Riverwood looks allot more fancy. Just needed to say the rails look really nice.

   The town has a few random building with no purpose other then to sit outside when it's raining and relax. I think they look nice and this Riverwood is even better then the one I was in.

   The town feels so busy with the little things around it. Hopefully if this is Markus' dimension, hopefully I can stay here and live in this glorious looking town.

   Even the blacksmith's place looks nicer. Man, this town is pretty peaceful looking isn't it? Anyways, I think I am about to give up on looking for Markus. Nobody knows who he is so I will try one last location.

   I'm writing at a nice looking location that overloks the bridge. I can't find Markus so I guess I am on my own. I have that whole Greybeard thing but I don't know if I want that word magic thing. I mean, I jump through dimensions or worlds or whatever when I am drunk. Isn't that power enough? The power of the boozer! Yeah, I am not smiling when writing this. Anyways, I think I will go lay down at the inn because Delphine is an asshole who goes away and doesn't tell her main man to take over the inn.

   I think I found my calling! I met a guy who calls himself Shady Sam and ironically, he was selling Skooma in Markus' town. I didn't find Markus but I did find a rumor of an arena that is out East. This arena is an odd Dwemer Ruin that apparently trained the Dwemer themselves. It allows the body to get used to the cold of Skyrim due to the water that pours on the arena and allows the user to summon and fight enemies. The enemies are copies of the person or monster. With this, I could train myself to surpass Jenassa! I can learn to survive Skyrim and fight the dragons by myself.
   But first, I am going to get some rest because I woke up half way through the day and it's getting late now.

   Thought I could lay my head down on the table but Delphine is actually here. I don't know if this is due to the fact I saw her in Whiterun and she is studying what she was given by the court wizard or if this is a dimension thing. Either way, I am renting a room now.

   Looks like it's time for some rest. I am going to that arena tomorrow and the journey may be long, but I am very excited to see what I can learn from fighting there. Maybe after that, I will go to the greybeards and see what the hell they want. I thought about it but maybe they could take away my abilities to "shout." Either way, I am not going to try shouting. Talk tomorrow journal and thanks for always being there for me.


If anyone is interested in Markus' story, he is a cameo from another Skyrim blog going on. Be sure to check it out on the sidebar, it's called Brynna's Screeshot Let's Play.

Just want to thank everyone so far reading along! I hope you are enjoying the adventure so far!
-Totally not a copy from the bottom of Brynna's post. xD

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