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Sylvir's P13: Wanted


   It has been a few days, and I am ready to turn myself in. I may hate the Jarl now, but I hate myself for shooting him. I will apologize and say I wasn't in my best of mind. Hopefully he will forgive me and I can move on with my grief.

   I just reached Whiterun and I found a courier that was looking for me. He tells me the Jarl wants me to turn myself in and if I do, he will forgive me. He also went ahead and got me a letter of inheritance.

Note: This is the first time I put two posts side by side. :D

      The letter upsets me and the amount of gold she was apparently worth makes me very angry. I am going to turn myself in now, I don't need to get in any more trouble and I want to stay on the Jarl's good side.

   The guard was waiting for me and I told him to throw me in jail. The guard walked me to the Jarl and I apologized for what I done. The Jarl then threw me in jail for a week and let me keep my title.

   At least I still have my journal. Looks like my jail mate was a bandit and is already dead. Under him is a hatch they keep locked. Luckily the bandit has a lockpick on him. This is kinda funny, I wonder if I could open it.

Sorry the picture is so dark, the jail cell doesn't have much light.

   I opened the hatch! Wow, I could escape if I wanted too but I won't. I don't need to get more jail time. So I am just going to shut it and not escape. Time to spend my jail time, I probably won't be writing all the boring details.
   Now, it has been a week and I am out of jail. It's currently night and I haven't slept on a good bed in awhile. Also, I haven't eaten a good meal for quite some time. So now, I am going to the Bannard Mare in this drowsy state.

To be continued...

   Alright, so you are probably wondering what is going on now. The post is going to be cut off here. I am taking a bit of a break till something happens but I will say, Journal Post 13.5 will be coming out once it happens. For now, I am going to get some things ready for the next posts and go ahead and get pictures ready for a later date. Thanks for reading and take it easy. ^_^

Sylvir's P12: Going Downhill

   Going into Bleak Falls Barrow was the worst idea of my life. The original pages of my journal was torn and burned in fire. It is years later and I have decided to rewrite what happened after leaving Bleak Falls Barrow. Now, let me tell you what happened.

   I have to remember this all so bare with me. I remember opening the chest and finding a small amount of loot. I then proceeded to look around with... Jenassa and we found a staircase. It let to a little bit of a cave.

   The cave led to a secret way out of Bleak Falls Barrow. A lever raised a secret stone door and we proceeded to exit the strange place.

   The cave had a little shine at the end. I could see the exit but I remember that shrine quite well. I felt bad because this shine was probably to the undead warrior we fought. But after I payed my respects to whomever the shine was made for, I made my way outside.

   The outside world was absolutely beautiful when I left Bleak Balls Barrow. Maybe it was because I was stuck in the cave all day, or maybe it was just the natural beauty of Skyrim. I don't know anymore but I do know, I enjoyed that sunset.

   I vaguely remember finding a cabin. The cabin worried me because I never came across it before during my time living outside Riverwood. Me and Jenassa carefully approached the cabin.

   I remember an only lady lived in that cabin and it made me feel bad for her. The roof was leaky and she deserved to have a better home. But, Jenassa told me we should not bother her and make our way to Riverwood. After all, it was pretty close. But I told her we could at least wait here to see if the rain would disappear, it didn't.

   During this time, I ran into a fan of the Gourmet. He is a famous cook and I remember meeting later on, not that it matters. I just passed by and wished him luck with whatever he was doing.

   I think I remember something about the Dawnguard. I didn't trust them at the time and I remember I tried to avoid them. After all, they were strong enough to fight vampires. Somebody like that isn't good to make an enemy of.

   I remember being very angry when I entered the inn because the inn was closed. Orgnar told me I can lay my head on the table if I wanted and this angered me even more. I decided to head for Whiterun and get my rest after I return the Dragonstone. After all, I only sat down and needed some sleep.

   Heading to Whiterun, I remember the sun coming down and relaxing me. Every time I went between Whiterun and Riverwood, I swear the weather changed.

   I remember during the walk to Whiterun, I ran into a Dunmer that was going to join the Legion. This bothered me since we didn't have anything to do with the war but I kept moving with this annoying me.

   Nearing Whiterun was the first time I did a treasure hunt I believe. I remember it had to do with  a windmill and a mountain. I also had a lot of issues finding the treasure but I was determined to find it.

   The view from where the chest was, it was amazing. I hated climbing that mountain since the loot wasn't that good. But hey, not all treasures make you rich.

   When I returned to the palace, I found the wizard talking to somebody and showing him/her a book. It bothered me till I learned who this person was.

   I figured it out once the stranger talked, it was Delphine and she was the reason I didn't get a room in Riverwood. This seemed shady and I lost trust in her after this.

   She seemed to be worrying about the dragons coming back and I believe this confirmed my theory that more then one dragon has returned. She is dealing with the dragons, but why? That was my thoughts at this point.

   She seemed impressed that I went into Bleak Falls Barrow. I didn't care, I just wanted my pay for getting an ancient relic!

   But sleep and rest had to wait because a dragon was sighted. Looks like I need to talk to the Jarl about this so I followed her to talk to him.

   I remember laughing at the guard who ran away to tell the Jarl about the dragon attack. He was probably protecting his own hide so he abandoned his post. Good way to get out of work I must say.

   Then the Jarl told me he needed my help. I was a tired warrior that just escaped the clutches of Bleak Falls Barrow. This aggravated me but I had to do it. I asked for my pay at least and guess what...

   My reward for such a task was some wrist guards! This really pissed me off but I had gotten on the Jarl's good side. So now, I had to fight with an army against a dragon. Hooray...

   Oh but guess what, the "army" was me, Jesanna, and five guards. I guess if things get rough, I can escape and never return to Skyrim. That was my thoughts on this matter. So then, we headed to where the dragon was sighted.

   We found the tower and it looked like a mess. This sight is scarred in my brain at this point. I followed the guards to look for survivors.

   Reaching the tower, we we're warned to back away. The dragon was still nearby and this put a chill down my spine. I was hoping that it was far away by now and I wouldn't have to mess with it.

   But the dragon begun to fly towards us. With a shiver down my spine, I readied to fight the dragon with Jenassa by my side.

   The dragon flew overhead and I took my first shot. The dragon didn't seem to like the arrows much but even so, I had to fight it without fear. But fighting without fear, is impossible at this point.

   I got the first few hits and it wasn't happy about this. It landed right beside me and I ran away from it. It hit me with some fire magic but with the potions I saved up, I kept myself from hurting too bad.
   The guards we're dying left and right and Jensassa was lost in my sight. It was near the dragon when it landed but I didn't see her anywhere. But I knew she was stronger then me so I kept shooting at the dragon.

   After about half an hour of combat, the dragon was bloody and looked ready to fall. It must have used everything in it's arsenal. It dropped meteors on us, caught us on fire, tried to bite us, and even killed a guard with his tail. But, I kept my distance and took a few more shots.

   Finally, the dragon took an arrow and my final shot ended it's life. I smiled to this fact and the men cheered as I killed it. To become famous, I walked up to it and rose my arms to the guards. They knew I helped a ton in this fight. But after a moment, the dragon began to burn and it's bones were all that was left.

   I turned to find some more magic spinning around me but this time, I didn't feel like I learned anything. This time, I felt I was being empowered. After the magic left, a guard walked up to me with news that changed, everything.

   The guard called me the Dragonborn and apparently, the dragonborn is somebody that can slay dragons and take their power. They can use the magic of the dragons called shouts and now, I am a little freaked out. I was born with a unique magic within me? I hate magic! I tried to deny it but inside, I had a feeling it is true. For some reason, this didn't feel like old news, it felt like something new. So I didn't believe the Dragonborn news had anything to do with my past.
   Then, I decided to take a look at the battlefield and thank those who fell during battle. I was lost in thought about this Dragonborn thing and what to do with it.

   But then I found Jenassa, dead. You see, in Bleak Falls Barrow, she said she is starting to like me as well. She wanted to wait to see if our love would develop but now, she is dead. Tears fell from my eyes and a new feeling of hate grew within me.
   Jenassa was dead and it looks as if a guard killed her. If we had better soldiers, heck, even more soldiers, the Jarl could have avoided these loses. I took her sword and headed directly to the Whiterun without another word

   I met up with Jarl Balgruuf and he told me about the graybeards summoning me. Apparently when I found that "wall of power" they realized I was the Dragonborn. Along with what happened at the sight, Jarl Balgruuf was sure I was the one. He told me I should meet up with the graybeards and that it was my destiny. He said I shouldn't deny the summons since it's a great honor.

   He then proceeded to give me an Axe and say that my reward for killing the dragon was the rank of Thane. It was the highest rank he had power to give and I didn't really care. I told him about Jenassa losing her life and he understood what I wanted.

   He "realized" I wanted a replacement and assigned me Lydia as a personal Housecarl along with the Axe. This immediately pisses me off and I told him he was a lover. He then says he would compensate me for my loss and I said I wanted an apology. He doesn't apologize, he says it's my fault for getting her killed.

   Extremely angry, I turn around and walk away. I then pull out my bow and shoot the Jarl right in the chest. He falls on the ground and stands up very angry. He calls the guards to throw me in the prison to cool off my head and I turn my tail to run. I wasn't going to forgive him for what he could have avoided.

   The sight of everyone angry at you is scary. I knew I would die if the guards could help it even though the demand was for me to be thrown in jail.

   As I reached the gates, I nearly was dead. Luckily, once I exited the city, I jumped the wall and kept running. I took my potions and mostly healed my wounds. But, I had to fix them once I get back home to stop the bleeding.

   When I finally reached home, I healed my wounds and took off everything that wasn't needed. I knew I was a wanted man and I was hurting from losing Jenassa. This is when I threw everything from exiting Bleak Falls Barrow to this moment in the fire. I know I am not the best at writing a journal but, this is what happened that fateful day. Luckily, something good happens the following day. The next post will be back to normal in case I am reading this ever again.

Level 9 and here is the perk I chose.
Focus (3/5) You draw bows 20% faster and deal 20% more damage with any bow. Crossbows ignore 80% armor.

Sylvir's P11: Dragonstone or Bust!

   Sorry for no post yesterday, I was working on a future post and didn't feel to well. Today, I will post something very interesting though so look forward to Journal Post 12.
   One more thing, this post is long to make up for yesterday so have fun with technically 3 posts today. :D

   After a nice amount of rest and some planning, me and Jenessa went to get some supplies. During this, she tells me what we're the same kind and she is glad to have met me. This put a tear in my eye and I made sure she doesn't notice this. I also told her not to die on me in Bleak Falls Barrow and she agrees. If we can get through Bleak Falls Barrow, we can get through anything.

   Outside, I met an Orc called Murdock. He is a scary looking guy whom I don't wanna mess with. His armor looks like an arrow would just scratch it. Anyways, with the supplies now on me and Jenassa, now it's time for Bleak Falls Barrow. The trip begins now!

   The sky is clear and not a single rain cloud in sight. The beauty of Skyrim is just stunning but even I know, it can be a dangerous place. I think this walk is going to be peaceful.

   Reaching Riverwood now and it just began to rain. I am not the happiest person in the world right now. But hey, the weather in Skyrim just doesn't make sense.

   Half way up the mountain, I found a watch tower. It looks like bandits are watching out for intruders so I guess to pass, we're gonna have to get in a fight.

   Jenassa is taking most of the hits and I no longer have to deal with taking the main force of hits. I know I have said this before but I am glad I have a partner! I am pretty weak as of now and I don't need to get myself killed before I can prove myself to Jenassa.
   I just looted the tower and the bandits are smarter then most. They aren't keeping their loot in the easiest to reach place for once. Looks like if we're gonna loot the bandits treasure as well, we need to look in a more secure location.

   A snowstorm just begun to write what happened. I reached the entrance to Bleak Falls Barrow and it was very ominous. I mean, I felt as if something big was about to happen. It felt as if, I needed to enter this place. As if, fate was leading me and I couldn't step off fates path.
   Once we neared the entrance, four bandits attacked us. I took a hit and Jenassa rushes in and took down three of the bandits with ease. I finished off the fourth one I was fighting the whole time and this made me feel weak. If I am going to impress Jenassa, I need to show her what I am made of.

   Once I entered Bleak Falls Barrow, I felt the strange feeling become stronger. Ever step felt as if my fate was getting heavier and heavier. Two bandits awaited us inside and I wasn't too happy to see them. I headshot both of them and I felt Jenassa was slightly impressed.

   We're inside of a chamber with a locked door currently. When I entered this room, a bandit pulled a lever and got himself killed. Apparently there is some trick to opening the door which I am trying to figure out.

   Looking at the room, there are three pillars that can be rotated. The pillar has three sides and different markings on each side. Above the door, two markings can be seen with one that fell on the ground. The markings on the wall and the markings on the pillar are identical. The puzzle couldn't involve matching the symbols on the wall, could it?

   The gate is open and that is how simple this puzzle is. You just had to match the symbols! I can't believe they put the symbols on the wall! I guess it did get a guard killed but seriously, why is this so simple? Anyways, time to move on and see if we can find this Dragonstone.

   There isn't any bandit treasure but I found a great book along with some good loot! This will compensate for them having barely anything. I bet their loot was what I found on the tower. Probably why they came here. Well, at least I have something to read later and improve my skills.

   I got a new cloak and a new hat which I think both look really good! It was dusty and it probably hasn't been worn in centuries. It is in good shape so I am pretty happy with this find. Now, time to continue down the stairs and find this Dragonstone.

   I found a chamber with two things I hate. Giant spiders and a yelling idiotic bandit. While I fought this spider, he was screaming for me to kill it. WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM TRYING TO DO! Anyways, this spider is now slain and Jenassa had fun extracting the poison from it. I am getting a little worried now.

   Now on to the idiot, how in the world did he get stuck like this? He is literally trapped in a doorway! He is yelling at me to stop writing this very minute and free him. He is also trying to sell me this mythical treasure crap. I am not buying it because I know he is a bandit.
   When I entered the room, he said the names of the bandits. I know this because once of the bandits at the entrance of Bleak Falls Barrow said one of the names as well. I am going to let you down alright bandit, I am going to let you down... dead!

   He is now free, from the mortal world. At least his soul is now with Azura. Now, I am going to look through his belongings and continue through this cave system.

   Wow, he had a golden claw and was actually being truthful with the ancient treasure. I bet with such a treasure, I could get rich really quick! I think Jenassa is starting to corrupt my mind. I used to want a simple life, but with all the killing and money, I am now become a loot lover.

   Whoa! I heard that in some locations that undead can be found but I never believed it. They seem pretty strong but me and Jenassa had a pretty easy time with them. I wonder if this is the curse of Bleak Falls Barrow.

   I am not falling for these traps! I giant pressure plate on the ground and a giant spike wall equals death! I think I need to watch my step for now on. But the puzzles and traps are pretty simple thus far.

   I found a hallway with swinging axes that look like if they hit me, would probably kill me. I think I see a lever on the other side so I am suppose to run through this? I think I will just crawl on my stomach.

   There was oil on the ground and I shot a light on the ceiling of the cave. It seems that some traps aren't working anymore and I can use them as weapons. I should make note that these exist. Especially since Jenassa was extremely impressed with what I did. But she warns me that if she ever catches on fire, she would gut me in a second.

   This cave is absolutely huge! It has some nice looking areas though. I just wanted to sit here and rest before continuing. After all, who knows how large Bleak Falls Barrow actually is.

   Inside of the cave, I found a part that has sunlight coming from above. Escape using this would be impossible but, I saw a dragon fly by! Now only that, but a different dragon then the one I saw at my camp. Does this mean, there is more then one dragon? This is beginning to worry me, it isn't just a single dragon. It may be multiple dragons returning! If this is the case, it looks like the lands of Skyrim is gonna be more dangerous by the second.

   I found a door and I think this will lead me to the location of the treasure. So far, I have fought a dozen of those undead creatures. I am not looking forward to seeing what is on the other side of the door if it's more dangerous then what we have fought thus far.

   Who could have imagined what we would see in Bleak Falls Barrow. Fires that shouldn't be lit and Nord history itself! I am glad Jenassa is here because I couldn't do this myself. I think, I am going to talk to her once this is all over. No, I am going to do this! Now, I need to make sure to be great backup for Jenassa and make a great impression before we talk.

   Down a few twisting pathways, we just found a very interesting hallway. This place is definitely Nordic and at the end of the hallway, is an odd door.

   On each wall is a similar picture. But, the guy in the center is always a little bit different. What are the people standing in the center and why does it seem the people are worshiping him? I am not sure, but I do know I am not smart enough to figure it out. So I am going to figure out how to open the door instead.

   The door has four symbols on it. The first three symbols look like a dragonfly, an owl, and a bear. The final one looks like the golden claw I found off that bandit. The first three symbols seem to twist but the last one, the claw, does not.

   After a few minutes, I realized the solution is in the palm of your hands. The code is literally on the golden claw! What is with the code being in an obvious place!? I mean, why not just mark the code above the door? It would be about the same in my opinion.

   I put the claw into the slot after changing the code to what the claw said. The door opened and now, I feel we're near the end of Bleak Falls Barrow. If not, I can't imagine how much longer it's gonna take to get through.

   Me and Jenassa are very impressed by the sight we are greeted with. This has to be the location of the Dragonstone. I am lucky the bandit stole this claw or I couldn't have found this place. But hopefully, the dragonstone thing isn't going to be false. I can't believe I went this far to find something that might not even be here!

   I was about to check the chest when I saw a weird light coming towards me. Some strange markings on the wall began to glow and I realize that feeling of fate is extremely powerful right now. This has to be that odd feeling, but why am I feeling this?
   This has to be magic, I will not go towards this light! If I do, I may get some Nordic curse or something. I always hated magic, so I will get my treasure and be on my way.

   Jenassa pushed me to the wall and told me to quit acting like a wimp. It's like she doesn't realize what I am seeing. As I got near, the magic surrounded me and it was as if I was remembering something I had forgotten. My head began to throb and my vision became blurry. I was questioning if this was the end of my story.

   But then a word came to mind, Fus. I don't know why I remembered this word but it was as if the wall helped me remember it. Is this some to do with my past? I am not sure but I am going to avoid this wall for now on. I don't wanna remember my past, I am happy with my new life.

   As I walked toward the chest, another undead stepped out of a coffin. This one looked different then the rest. This one was allot stronger and me and Jenassa had allot of trouble with it.

   But we killed it and on it, I found the Dragonstone! Yes, now I can get out of here and possibly get on the Jarl's good side!

   On the back, I found symbols that are similar to the ones on the wall. This is worrying me a little because the wall was reacting to me and Jenassa apparently didn't see anything. Does this mean I have something to do with the dragons coming back? No way, I have been traveling and before that, I was imprisoned. There is no way I could have anything to do with the dragons.

   Jenassa decided to sit near the wall and take a rest. I want to talk to her now that we found the Dragonstone. I am going to tell her how I feel and see what she says. After I tell her, we will loot the place and make our way out of Bleak Falls Barrow. Wish me good luck Journal.

Level 8 now and I got two perks to spend, here they are:

Agile Defender (2/5): Increase base armor rating for light armor by 20%

Custom Fit: 15% Armor bonus if wearing all Light Armor: head, chest, hands, feet.