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Sylvir's P16: Touching The Sky

New background for my blog in it's finest. :D

   Welcome back and I have a few things to say before we continue the story. During my hiatus, I was working on improving the quality of the pictures. Though this post won't have the max quality, I am still working to improve it while being able to play without lag.
   Throughout Part 16, you may see a decrease in quality but I won't point it out. I upgraded my mods and added a ENB mod and I had to balance half way through because of lag. I just added a mod to improve distant terrain but you won't see that in this post. Just know, my posts most likely will look better. Anyways, tell me what you think of the change! :D
   Oh and one more thing, with the update to my Blog, I am going to put a little more work into my journals. The posts will become a little longer at some parts but I hope overall, it's better. Anyways, to the story!


   I just stepped out of the bath house arena and I found myself in a new dimension yet again. The world looks much more colorful yet a little dull. I can't do anything about the "jumps" so I am going to continue and hope the Greybeards still know about me.

   Great, a short walk and I found a dragon flying through the sky. Luckily it didn't attack me because I would have had to run. I know the world of Skryim will remain dangerous no matter how much I train. Anyways, time to continue my journey while watching the skies a little more closely.

   I am now on a bridge and I can see Ivarstead across the river. Not much further to go and I am glad the walk has been peaceful other then a sick guy I saw on the road. Apparently he is returning home and I wished him luck on his journey. Anyways, I will update if anything happens.

   Down the road I found a troll. The troll was a crazy looking monster and had the bloodlust of one-hundred bandits. It ran at me and I had to use my bow to keep it at bay. Luckily my training helped me figure out how to make enemies stumble around due to the force of the arrow.

   By keeping the troll at bay, I finally got a shot in that ended the damn things life. Trolls are known for healing so taking these things down fast is recommended. Well, there went my peaceful walk but hey, it could have been worse.

   Ivarstead is finally in reach and the town seems peaceful. It does give me a riverwood kinda vibe but it feels allot smaller. In the distance, I can see a winding road going up the mountain and I can tell that is my path. Now, I am going to make my way up there and hopefully, the trip won't be too tiring.

   At the base of the mountain, I find two people talking about the trip up the mountain. Apparently, there are seven-thousand steps up to where the Greybeards are. Why am I doing this again? But it seems one of the people of the town brings supplies to the Greybeards and he is getting too old for it. I feel I can at least help out this once and hopefully, they find a good replacement.

   Klimmek, the man who drops off supplies for the Greybeards, gave me a small bag of simple supplies. He wants me to put them in an "offering chest." Looks like this trip won't be totally worthless since on the way back down, I can get a reward.

   Up a little ways, I found a bear and he didn't look too happy. I was ready to test my strength against such a powerful animal but he couldn't be stronger then a troll, right?

   Well I was wrong, the bear didn't fall back like the Troll. He just kept coming at me and nearly killed me. If my ancestors didn't protect me I may be dead right now. (NOTE: This is an ability for Dark Elves that summon two of your Dark Elf ancestors. They fight for you for a short amount of time). After a short rest and skinning the beast, I am ready to continue my trip.

   I'm now in the snowy area of the mountain and a man who commonly travels up and down this mountain warned me of wolves. Seriously, I just took down a bear! I should get the warning about these animals much more quickly.

   I found another Troll a ways up the mountain and luckily, I got a sneak attack on it. But, the beast was allot tougher then the Troll down the mountain. But luckily, I kept the beast back and held my ground.

   The reason this beast was stronger is due to the fact it's a Frost Troll. They are allot more resilient and can take the cold really well. Luckily a shot to the heart stopped the mighty beast. If things get any more dangerous, I am gonna have to give up this trip.

   I am three quarters up the mountain and now I got a good idea how high I am. In the distance, I can see Bleak Falls Barrow. It looks really small compared to how big it looked when I entered it. Looking down on this place, gives me a little fear of the heights. I better make sure I don't slip off the mountain or I will probably die.

   Well I can also see Whiterun and it looks pretty small compared to how large the place is. The palace kinda looks like a normal sized house in the horizon from this distance. I better keep going and avoid getting near the edge. I don't light heights and this is making it worse.

   I found my way to the Greybeard's Sanctuary and as asked, I dropped Klimmek's Supplies in the chest. Now with such a job finished, I can talk to the Greybeards and see if I care about this shouting nonsense. I just better hope they don't make me mad by forcing this on me.

   The inside looks pretty basic but it looks awesome as well. The Greybeards were waiting for me and knew I would come in time. They all entered the main chamber and the leader of them all, greeted me.

   Arngeir, the leader of them all, he welcomed me in the "turning of age." Apparently I am not the first Dragonborn but I am the first to have shown up in this age.

   But afterward, he wanted me to prove that I have the ability to shout. He told me to shout the word of power I had learned to prove I am who I say I am.

   The power swelled within me and I shouted the word of power, Fus. A powerful force came from my mouth and it forced Arngeir to fall backwards and regain his balance. I actually liked this shouting ability and I wonder why I didn't try it sooner. But hey, I wasn't even completely sure what to do.

   I told Arngeir that I wanted to further study this power and learn to master it. He told me they were her to guide me in that pursuit. Then, he gave me an interesting explaination.

   When I shout, I speak the language of the dragons and the Dragon Blood within me gives me the inborn ability to learn Words of Power. He then gave me a demonstration on how the Dragonborn learns such things.
   Arngeir told one of the Greybeards to give me the second word of the Unrelenting Force power I had. Apparently, the Greybeards can give me the shouts, but at the cost of their own knowledge. Thus, they will only give me two words of power.
   He yelled the word at the floor and the word appeared. The Greybeard who did so forgot the word and the knowledge came to me.

   Afterward, he gave me his knowledge of the word and I learned, Ro. They then explain to me that each shout has three words and the more words you use, the more powerful the shout. So now with a more powerful unrelenting force, I test it out and it forces people even further back.

   Arngeir seems impressed by how fast I can learn shouts. For non Dragonborns, it takes years to master any shout. Due to this, I feel bad stealing the ability of their practice. But, they say I have a destiny that will need me learning many shouts. After a bit of talk, we decide to go outside to learn an entirely new shout.

   Outside, I am taught a new word that is apart of the Whirlwind Sprint shout. They put the word on the ground and give me a persons knowledge on the shout. Wish I could learn all shouts like this in my opinion. Then, they decided to test me to see if I can use it like a Dragonborn.

   They give me a test that involves moving from one side of a pillar to a door. I have to do this in an instant and luckily, I did so with ease. Finally after the tests, they tell me that I should go get some Horn from a cave. Inside, I will need to know Whirlwind Sprint to get this ancient relic. If I do, my final test into the Greybeards will be complete.
   But since they know I am Dragonborn, they give me some robes to wear when I am shouting. They look similar to their robes and they apparently decrease the wait between shouts. At this point, I ask a question that had been on my mind.

   Arngeir tell me what I didn't want to hear, apparently I am part of the reason the Dragons have came back. My destiny is mixed in with the dragons return and this doesn't put a smile on my face. But, they give me something I could never have imagined possible.
   Arngeir tells me of a tower that has been here since the beginning of the Greybeards. Every Dragonborn before me has meditated on this tower and if I do so, I can tap into their skills for my own. In other words, I can forget skills I have learned throughout my travels and learn skills I have never attempted to learn.
   This interests me and there is something I have always wanted to try. Now, I think I am going to meditate up there for a few days and see if I can transfer my abilities for some new ones.

   Before I go up to the tower, the Greybeards warn me of the path to the top of the mountain. Apparently, without a certain shout, I cannot make the trip. Once I have passed my test, I may be permitted to go to the top and meet the true leader of the Greybeards. Anyways, I am going to go meditate so talk in a few days.

   After days of meditation, I felt the memories of the other Dragonborn. They came to me and I saw what seemed like an endless amount of knowledge. I now have a new way of fighting. A way that I feel will be important to fighting in this dangerous world called Skyrim.
   I have awoken to a beautiful sunset that I can't even describe. The world looks so small up here and I am afraid to leave. It's peaceful and I have little worries up here at this time. But, I have to do that final test and maybe once that is over, I can become a member of the Greybeards, forever.

   Now, with my supplies as ready as they can be with the limited amount of belongings the Greybeards have, I am going to head out. Ironic isn't it, I have had many dreams throughout my journey so far. At first I just wanted to be a hunter, then I wanted to be a head hunter, then I wanted to life the easy life with money, and now I want to be a Greybeard. What is it I am seeking? Who am I truly and why do I feel like I am just drifting through my life, doing what I want?
   Finally there is something I wanted to mention. When I meditated and saw the other Dragonborn's lives, I saw something weird. Broken memories behind my recent memories. I feel maybe, I could remember who I am if I continue to learn this shout thing. Maybe, I can find a true path once I remember who I am. Who knows, for now, I am going to get that horn to see where my fate leads me.


   Note, my next post will be the skills I am changing. I felt I should go a different route and I have a potion to redo my skills because of SkyRe. Following the skill change page, Sylvir will be heading out and searching for the horn and possibly, have some distractions along the way. Hope you had a good read, take it easy! ^_^

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