Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sylvir's P13: Wanted


   It has been a few days, and I am ready to turn myself in. I may hate the Jarl now, but I hate myself for shooting him. I will apologize and say I wasn't in my best of mind. Hopefully he will forgive me and I can move on with my grief.

   I just reached Whiterun and I found a courier that was looking for me. He tells me the Jarl wants me to turn myself in and if I do, he will forgive me. He also went ahead and got me a letter of inheritance.

Note: This is the first time I put two posts side by side. :D

      The letter upsets me and the amount of gold she was apparently worth makes me very angry. I am going to turn myself in now, I don't need to get in any more trouble and I want to stay on the Jarl's good side.

   The guard was waiting for me and I told him to throw me in jail. The guard walked me to the Jarl and I apologized for what I done. The Jarl then threw me in jail for a week and let me keep my title.

   At least I still have my journal. Looks like my jail mate was a bandit and is already dead. Under him is a hatch they keep locked. Luckily the bandit has a lockpick on him. This is kinda funny, I wonder if I could open it.

Sorry the picture is so dark, the jail cell doesn't have much light.

   I opened the hatch! Wow, I could escape if I wanted too but I won't. I don't need to get more jail time. So I am just going to shut it and not escape. Time to spend my jail time, I probably won't be writing all the boring details.
   Now, it has been a week and I am out of jail. It's currently night and I haven't slept on a good bed in awhile. Also, I haven't eaten a good meal for quite some time. So now, I am going to the Bannard Mare in this drowsy state.

To be continued...

   Alright, so you are probably wondering what is going on now. The post is going to be cut off here. I am taking a bit of a break till something happens but I will say, Journal Post 13.5 will be coming out once it happens. For now, I am going to get some things ready for the next posts and go ahead and get pictures ready for a later date. Thanks for reading and take it easy. ^_^

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