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Sylvir's P7: Fateful Encounter

   Before we get started, let me introduce you to the first hero of the story, Sylvir! He may not look like much, actually, he isn't much. But even though he isn't strong, he has a future to become a hero!

The clothing in this picture is not what he is wearing!

   The marking on his forehead is the tattoo he gets in the prelude (read it if you haven't already). His hair is an unnatural green color but he was originally born with black hair. The scars on his face was given to him as punishment for talking back to the Blind Moth Priests. Anyways, let's begin the story and stop talking about his appearance.

   Hello Journal, it has been a few months since I last wrote in you. I am now out of jail and I think with the free time I now have, I am going to write in you as my life changes. As for what has happened while I was gone, let me tell you.

   Recently, I have made camp in the woods of Skyrim. You see, I have decided to live on my own and survive on what I find in the wild. Well, sometimes I buy a bit of food in the town of Riverwood but the money comes from the hides and pelts I sell.
   I have recently learned to use a bow and arrow. Not to mention, I can now survive in the wild decently well. I am no master archer but I can use the bow to get dinner. The last few months, I have used a makeshift bow but yesterday, I bought one from Riverwood. I am very excited to use it and I will tell you how I like it later.
   As for my past, I haven't been looking for it. I don't think my past is in Skyrim and I am now making a new life for myself. If I ever remember who I am, then maybe my life will change. But, I am not going to look for a past I might not even have. Anyways, I need to get some supplies ready to go hunting. I will tell you how it goes later.

   You won't believe what I just saw! I saw a creature that is now, just a legend. I saw a dragon! Immediately I thought I was going insane but I flew around a few times before flying over Riverwood. If I could kill that dragon, maybe I could become a famous legend! It seems fate has thrown a new bone for me and I may try and grab it. But, that bone may lead to my ultimate demise.
   After a bit of thinking, I noticed something that is bothering me. The dragon came from the direction of Helgen and even though I hate that place, there are families that live there. Maybe I should take a look and see if they are alright. I doubt a dragon could take down a place like Helgen, but it's worth a look. Maybe I could even learn a thing or two if it did attack from the locals.

   After a bit of walking up the hill, I have found Helgen! I am writing where I told myself I should never pass but I can't get a good view of the town from here. I guess I am going inside to see if the dragon attacked or not. Maybe they even did some damage to the beast before it ran.

   I don't think the dragon was running away now. I have found a burning Helgen and no living soul in sight. I think the dragon had it's dinner and took off for a nap. I don't know what to do, maybe somebody else saw it but anyone would think we are insane! I should look for some evidence before confronting somebody on the matter. Maybe I can find somebody alive who lived through the ordeal.

   It's not a living person but this will do. I found a burned corpse who can vouch for me. Well, the journal it had a few feet away can. It belonged to a famous guard of Helgen and it talks about his life in the town. He mentions in the end that a dragon is attacking the keep and nobody is going to believe this. Well Mr. Captain, this book is going to be my proof!

   Now with the proof in my possession, I think I am going to head toward Riverwood. I know a man who will know what to do with this information.

   Down the road, I have found another hunter with a dog. She is selling some things but I don't care about them. I ask her if she has seen anything unusual and she says she has seen the dragon as well. Thrilled, I ask her to sign the book saying she saw the dragon as well. She does so and I thank her as I go on my merry way.

   Down the road, I have found those three pillars I pass by at least every day. I never understood why they were here. Once, I touched the stone with the warrior constellation on it and I felt a little weird. I don't trust magic so I just walked away. I think I will continue to ignore their existence.

   Guess what journal, I have found a pack of wolves! I am about to attack so if I die here, reader, please let Riverwood know what I have been writing about! But I am a hunter, so I should be fine.

   I got a few bites but I am overall fine. I am about to take their pelts and meat before heading to Riverwood. Luckily with this, I can get a few coins to fill my pocket. Afterwards, I will continue my way to town.

   Entering town, some of the locals seem to be acting weird. One of the elders talk about seeing a dragon and her own son calls her insane. I would back her up, but I need to talk to my friend first about this information.
   Reaching the local blacksmith, I find Alvor and I show him the journal and the signature from a local hunter. I tell him I saw the dragon as well and he is stunned by the information I have given him.

   Alvor tells me I should talk to Jarl Balgruuf in Whiterun. I agree to this fact since Riverwood doesn't have guards due to the Civil War. Looks like I am heading to Whiterun for the first time. I have never had a reason to go there but now, I get to explore Skyrim a little more.

   I decide I should get a little food since I might be out for a bit and I visit my old friend Orgnar. Him and Delphine greet me with an interesting conversation and they give me their usual personalities. Delphine calls me an outsider and Orgnar seems to be spaced out.
   After I get my food and some water, I tell Orgnar about the dragons and what I am going to do. He says he will tell anybody that visits the tavern and hopefully, this information gets to that elders son. I am busy and don't have time to prove the fact she did see the dragon. Now, time to head to Whiterun.
   Down the road, I found a deer and decided to do some hunting. But unfortunately, two wolves ended up scaring it off and I had to kill them. After all this, I think I am going to avoid killing animals. I need to target bigger pray to hone my skills and hopefully, I can take down a dragon. I feel this dragon is going to get my killed but hey, it will be amazing if I do it.

   Down the road, I find some Imperials escorting a Stormcloak down the road. The shackles gave me the chills and I think I will keep my distance. I don't need to get arrested before I tell Whiterun about the dragon.

   Down the hill, I am greeted with a beautiful sight. I get my first sight of Whiterun and I can't believe I am going to such a big town! I realized at this point, I didn't sell my hides but maybe that is for the better. After all, I may find an even better person to sell to.

   Down the road, I am greeted with a group called the Companions. They killed a giant before I could even reach them and they call me out on not helping them. I said they didn't look like they needed it and they say I'm not a warrior. This bothers me but I couldn't really help it. I let them leave while looking at the giant they killed.
   As I reach the gates of Whiterun, the guard tells me to scram due to the town being closed. I tell them I have information from Riverwood and they let me through. Guards should chill out in my opinion but I can't tell them how to run their city.

   Entering Whiterun, I find two people bickering about weapons being made for the legion. I don't care much about it due to the fact I am not part of the civil war. I am a Dunmer and the war is between the Imperials and the Nords. Not only that, I don't worship Talos so I have no reason to interfere.
   The town of Whiterun is lively and the marketplace is pretty busy. I decide to pass by all the stalls and go straight up to where the Jarl lives.

   Dragonsreach is amazing looking! I have never seen such a sight before and I am glad to have a reason to enter. I talk to the guards and let them know why I am here and enter to find an amazing interior. Seems the Jarl is talking to somebody, I should approach him with caution.

   I should have approached with more caution. A lady named Irileth seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. She yells at me over entering when Jarl Balgruff isn't accepting visitors. I tell her about Riverwood needing help and I make sure to be an ass about it. I don't tell her anything and I walk straight up to Jarl Balgruuf with a smile.
   I tell Jarl Balgruuf about the book and show him the signatures. Due to the owner of the book, he believes me and agrees to send help to Riverwood.

   With the Jarl now believing in me, he says he could use my help if I can do the task. I agree as long as I get paid and he walks me over to a wizard. He tells the wizard I can help him in his research and now I appears I am going to be away from home... a little longer then planned.

   The wizard's name is Farengar and he seems to think he is smarter then everyone. I don't trust magic so I feel I have more common sense then such a man. He tells me about a tablet that is "possibly" in a dangerous area called Bleaks Fall Barrow. I have heard rumors of this place and I don't think it's somewhere I would want to go on a hunch.
   But, an ancient Dragonstone tablet could be useful if it tells me how people used to slay dragons. I tell Farengar that I may retrieve the tablet and I may not. I say he should probably find another man just in case I can't do the job and he agrees with me. Not because it's logical, just because he thinks I couldn't do it.
   Now insulted, I walk back to the Jarl and he awards me with some new armor. He gives me some padded leather and I put it on.

   It may not look good but I do feel safer! I know it's more durable so I decide to keep the armor and head out to do some things. I feel I need some time to think about the whole Dragonstone thing. I decide to take my mind off of it and sell the hides.

   I am greeted by Belethor as I enter the local shop. He gives me a funny line and I instantly like the guy and his humor. I sell the hides for a good price and decide on one thing. I am going to think the Dragonstone thing over a good night rest and a warm bed.

   Outside the Inn, I am greeted with some Imperials picking on a Stormcloak woman. She talks about her son Thorold or Thorald going missing. I forgot the name, sorry. But, it's none of my business so I went inside the tavern.

   Inside the tavern, I was greeted by Hulda. I asked if she knew of some work needing to be done and she hands me a bounty letter. I also order a room as I take a look at it.

So the Jarl needs some bandits taken care of in Silent Moons Camp. I feel if I could do this, I may be able to get the Dragonstone! With this now as a goal, I am going to get a good nights rest before heading off to this bandit camp. I just ate some food and now, good night journal.

Level 2 achieved! Here is what perk I picked and what stat I chose. Thanks for reading and if I made a mistake in writing, please point it out. This is my first Screenshot Let's Play and I hope I did well.

Focus (1/5): You draw bows 10% faster and deal 10% more damage with any bow. Crossbows ignore 60% armor.

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  1. Yay, the adventures of Sylvir begins! Interesting writing style with the journal idea. I'm curious to see what he decides to do, and hope he doesn't get killed by bandits!