Friday, September 26, 2014

Sylvir's P10: Second Test

   This is officially Sylvir's 10th journal post. It's not a huge feat but I must say, it's further then most would have thought he could survive in the dangerous world of Skyrim. I just wanted to thank everyone who has been reading. Anyways, time to continue the journal. :)

   Heading back to Whiterun, I ran into a group of people traveling on the same road. This worried me due to the fact they aren't military and they looked armored up pretty well. Me an Jenessa cautiously walk up to them to see if they are friendly. If not, well, we have some nice looking armor for sell.

   Apparently this group is called the Dawnguard. They hunt vampires and warned me that a vampire camp is rumored to be nearby. Luckily I am not a vampire so they won't bother me or Jenessa. We continue on our way to Whiterun.

   Half way there, a local farmer warns me about the dragon. I tell him I saw the dragon and he tells me it recently burned down his farm. I gave him some gold to help out since now, he is poor. The farmer thanked me and I continued to Whiterun.

   Every once and while, I sit back and enjoy a nice looking scene. I can't really explain it in words but having two guards protect the door of Whiterun, it's pretty cool looking. I wonder if I was a guard in my past life.

   I just entered the church and I find many sick people. The air here is thick and Jenessa doesn't like the feeling of the place. I guess because she isn't the god worshiping kinda person. Anyways, time to turn in the blade.

   Great, looks like my journey isn't over till I do the job. She doesn't want to touch the blade and now, I fear the blade has some strange magic curse voodoo on it. After all, it does glow and the wielder of the blade used magic! I immediately put it in Jenessa's bag and hopefully, I am not gonna turn into a skeever or something.
   Anyways, I am not going to the location where the tree is right now. I have Bleak Falls Barrow and Jenessa's second test to do before that. If I have a reason to go to the east side of Skyrim, I will do this. But for now, I feel like I wanna stay around the center of Skyrim.

   Oh my Azura, I have found an umbrella! I would love to have one with this constant RAIN. Seriously, this rain has been killing me. Anyways, I just told Jenessa that her official test is coming up and if she passes, time for Bleak Falls Barrow.

   This time, we're taking care of Redoran's Retreat. Sounds like a peaceful place, if bandits didn't own it! Jenessa is fired up and I tell her to only fight when I say so. She agreed and now, we're heading to the bandit camp.

   Seems like another decent walk but not as bad as the last location we went to. It's just down the road this time! But hopefully, we don't find any giants around it since I remember a giant camp out that way.

   After a peaceful walk, we are at the bandit camp. They aren't even protecting the outside! Looks like these bandits are allot dumber then the last ones. Keeping your loot outside the base, who would think I could find dumber bandits?

   I showed Jenessa my stuff and I took out a bandit and a dog. Poor puppy, but I had to kill it or it would have attacked. I didn't even get seen and this puts a smile on my face. Maybe if we get past the whole backstabbing thing, we can get to know each other a little better, if you know what I mean.

   Jenessa gets the chance to fight alone and her fighting was as if, she was on fire. I think we can definitely take out Bleak Falls Barrow and hopefully, I don't die in the process.

   She took down the two bandits with ease and barely got hurt! Her combat style is ruthless and frankly, I am glad she is on my side.

   Jenassa just said, "I thought about becoming a bandit. I decided I preferred clean clothes and fresh mead." You aren't helping with the whole backstabbing thing Jenassa! Anyways, let's see if they had any interesting loot to, "reclaim."

   The main chamber is quite cozy. It has a fire, a place for loot, and a nice crate to sit on. If it had a bed, I might live here. But not really, I would rather find a house to live in. Anyways, time to loot!

   Shady book that could teach me a thing or two. It's about sneaking around and maybe, this will help me sneak up on my enemies. Anyways, time to look through the chest!

   Oh, a treasure map! I think I should hold onto this and study the clues. Maybe once I am out of Bleak Falls Barrow, I will look for this! The other loot is simple like gems and gold. Anyways, time to go get our reward!

   Alright, a thief just tried to mug me and not only that, it was another Dunmer! This thief is giving my kind a bad name! Well, a worse name then what we already made for ourselves.

   Thankfully I have my main girl Jenessa! She shows this thief that nobody should mess with us! I hate writing outside when it's raining so I will only update if she has something good.

   Covering my book from the rain and just letting you know, I found a Huge Knapsack on the body. Jenessa is looking at me weird, I will talk later.

   We just found a deer who got "lost" in the keep. Jenessa didn't seem to excited to see a deer running right in her face but I took the shot. I know I said I wouldn't hunt, but it was right there! Anyways, time to go and collect our reward now that we're in Whiterun!

   Three-Hundred and Seventy Five gold! Not that much but with the armor I have found, it's a nice amount. Time to go sell and after some rest, head for Bleak Falls Barrow.

   Me and Jenessa are sitting on our balcony at the inn and we're talking a bit about Bleak Falls Barrow and some about our personal lives. You know, I think we're becoming good friends other then the backstabbing bandit thing. I think I will keep her by my side till I kill the dragon and she seems interesting in fighting such a beast. Maybe if she starts liking me...
   Anyways, I am going to rest before heading out so I will talk later Journal. If anything happens, I will let you know like always.


Only one level this time. Now level 6 and this is the perk I chose.

Agile Defender (1/5): Increase base armor rating for Light Armor by 10%

   For now on, I will post what the perk is and does below the picture. I am doing this for those who are using phones. If you can see the picture, just ignore it. Anyways, thanks for reading!