Friday, September 19, 2014

Introduction Part 2

Alright so you know what this all about and the characters have been introduced. Next, I will be giving out some information that will be important for the future.

First) Know that in the beginning, posts may be slow due to the fact I need an external hard drive to hold my recordings. Once I have that, they will speed up. I can't post on my screenshot Let's Play without recording my normal Let's Play and if my hard drive is getting full, I gotta wait a week before I can record another hour.

Second) I will be posting in small bits. That way, I can have a post a day once this starts! Hopefully I can do this but if it becomes hard and I miss a few days, please know I'm trying my best!

Third) There are going to be two types of footage on my channel! One being my Skyrim Video Let's Play but the other will also be me reading my screenshot Let's Play. If you are too lazy of a reader, feel free to stop by and watch the video. But know, the video screenshot Let's Play will update after the full episode is out!

Fourth) If you don't like modded Skyrim, there is another Let's Player called giadrosich doing a similar thing. She isn't doing any video Let's Plays of Skyrim but she is playing with no graphic enhancing mods. Feel free to read her posts and even check out her Youtube! :)

Fifth) There will be a special on my channel not related to my channel's challenge and more of a fan thing. I am going to record me reading giadrosich's screenshot Let's Play and hopefully, showing the pictures. That will be on my channel along with me reading my posts and my Let's Play.

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  1. You keep mentioning a video LP you're doing, but I can't seem to find it. It doesn't seem to be on the channel linked in the column on the side, either.