Friday, September 19, 2014

List of Mods

 Here, I will post and update my list of mods! Feel free to follow the links to the mod page and check them out yourself if interested. Note, some mods may not be in the screenshot Let's Play such as sound mods because... you can't hear what I hear in a text post obviously. The post after this will be the actual Let's Play so enjoy!

Mods: (More may come in the future, they will be under the updated list with a date)

SKSE - Needed for 90% of this stuff.

Alternative Start - Gives a different start to the game.

RaceMenu - For the Tattoos. Better menu...

KJ Tattoos - Tattoo mod.

Quality World Map - Makes the map look better.

Amazing Follower Tweaks - Makes more interesting followers.

World Eater Beater - Gives a better final boss fight.

Familiar Faces - The mod that makes 3 heroes in this story... possible.

Guard Dialogue Overhaul - Makes guards more immersive.

Climates of Tamriel - Adds weather and lighting effects.

Better Dialogue Controls - Fixes a bug where it chooses the wrong dialogue.

Better MessageBox Controls - Similar to above, just fixes with keyboard to I figure.

Breezehome FullyUpgradeable - Better Breezehome!

Unofficial Skyrim Patch -These are patches Bethesda never made... but should have.
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch

FixCombatMusic - Fixes a bug where in the vanilla game involving combat music.

Static Mesh Improvement - Fixes random low quality textures!

Immersive Patrols - Adds patrols around Skyrim for more encounters.

Book Covers of Skyrim - Adds better quality to the books of Skyrim.

Convenient Horses - Better horse system overall. Makes having a horse not a pain!

Auto Unequip Ammo - When weapon is unequiped, so is ammo. Yay!

Lore Based Load Screens - Adds what title says.

Dynavision - "When you're close to something and looking right at it, the subject stays in focus while the background blurs." Basically, my vision will be like a camera.

Footprints - Adds footprints when people or things walk in the snow.

Wet and Cold - Dynamic wet and cold effects.

SkyUI - Important mod! Adds interface for many other mods basically. Also changes inventory system to a thing of beauty. :D

Immersive HUD - Also a very important mod... to me. Changes the HUD so you can hide things like the compass and cross hair when not needed by the toggle of a simple key!

Cloaks of Skyrim - Adds more cloaks amount Skyrim to give more variety. They don't do different things (unless enchanted). They just have different designs. Btw, I use these to make the game LOOK more cold because I don't like using Frostfall.

Harvest Overhaul - Ever pick a bush and get 2 berries out of it? I bet you have in Skyrim! What about real life? You can get more in real life? This fixes the Skyrim problem and let's you harvest a realistic amount!

Deadly Dragons - Makes the dragons more deadly! :O

SkyRe - Overhaul mod! Adds so much, I can't really say to much. Just know it makes the game more realistic, hard, and makes a skill tree that will make any new player **** their pants. I'd advise looking at it once and be amazed by my favorite mods glory!

Unique Uniques - Makes weapons more unique. Read page for better explanation, I can't explain this one well.

Pumping Iron - Makes character get bigger as he does body building tasks.

Run4YourLives - Makes NPCs actually run away from dragons instead of fighting when they are just weak little NPCs. Don't kill yourself you idiots!!!

When Vampires Attack - Makes people run indoors when vampires attack. No more NPC's getting in my way! :O

The Paarthurnax Dilema - Don't have to kill this character. Yay! :)

Achieve That - Adds achievements that can help out your character by doing them. Completely separate from steam achivements. They don't help much but they are nice to do and actually are fun. :D

Better Quest Objectives - Fixes the quest objectives to better describe what is going on.

Bounty Gold - Makes it where (by my choice) how much gold you get for killing bounties. You can pick a base amount and as the level of the characters go up, so does the amount of gold you get. Makes bounties actually a worthwhile thing!

Immersive Weapons - Adds more weapons and weapon types into the games. Very nice with SkyRe.

Immersive Armors - Adds more armor into the game. Very nice with SkyRe.

Spinning Arrow - Adds a spin to the arrow that looks more realistic.

Torch Radius - Doubles the torch radius! No more super small worthless torch light.

Realistic Needs and Diseases - Makes it where you need to drink, eat, and sleep. But also makes things harder because you can get diseases.

INeed - I use this over the needs of the Realistic Needs and Diseases mod.

Predator Vision - Gives a unique vision for werewolves and a few other things. Read up on it to find out more.

Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear overhaul.

Better Stealth AI for Followers - No torch while sneaking follower!

Follower Trap Safety - Makes them not set off traps. :D

Improved Sneak Detection - Makes sneaking more realistic.

No Sneak Attack Sound - Gets rid of attack sound when sneaking. Good mod! :D

Dragon Combat Overhaul - Makes dragon combat more interesting.

Locational Damage - Makes damage taken in certain areas hurt more!

Dance of Death - To makes kill moves even better! :D

Move it Damnit! - Wow the swears! Oh well, this is a Rated M game. This makes followers move when you push them.

TTYM - Think to yourself messages. For Example; instead of saying, "You are hungry" you will say, "I am hungry."

Pure Waters - Makes the water look more clean which I feel it would look realistically in Skyrim. Also, better texture overall.

A Matter of Time - Adds a clock in game and sundial so you can tell where the sun is in the sky.

Audio Overhaul - Makes Skyrim sound more realistic. :D

ELFX - Enchanged Lights and FX. Read up on it.

Splash of Rain - Adds a bit of water where it rains.

Thundering Shouts - Makes shouts sound more... powerful.

Civil War Overhaul - Makes the Civil War... more grand of a thing.

Get Up Faster - Makes characters get up faster because mobs can ping pong you otherwise.

Reproccer - Important Mod! Needed for SkyRe!

67 Base Mods.


Updated Mods: 5

Inconsequential NPC's - Adds more NPC's to town. Time to have fun with this. :D

Lockpick Graduation - Adds notches on the pick so I can pick it without rage quitting.

SkyFix Riverwood Redevelopment - Changes Riverwood to be, amazing looking.

Sword of the Ancient Tongues - Adds my character's future sword.

The Grand Bathhouse - Not spoiling this one.

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