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Sylvir's P8: Am I Strong?

Our journey with Sylvir continues the following morning...

   I just woke up a little earlier then planned and guess what did it. I went downstairs and found the bard. All night, he was playing Ragnar the Red and I swear I heard it six times in my sleep. I had to put the pillows over my head to block out the noise. It doesn't help the fact my room has a balcony with NO DOOR!
   I proceeded to tell the Bard that I hated his guts and questioned if he even slept. Before he could say anything with that distasteful look on his face, I went outside. Now, time to scout out that bandit camp.

   Down the road, I actually find something that puts a smile on my face. I find Irileth sending three guards to "protect" Riverwood. This has put me in a good mood and I feel taking out some bandits will put me in an even better mood. But I should get out of here before Irileth notices me and puts me back into a rotten mood. Azura, I hate mornings.

   I have found Silent Moons Camp and I don't like the feeling of this place. I don't want to die but if I can't even take down a group of bandits, how could I retrieve the Dragonstone? I am going to scout the area and let you know if I find some pattern that will allow for a good sneak attack.

   Then they found me. I was sneaking and one of the archers alerted the group. I decided to keep my ground in a trench like area outside the camp. There, I felt I could get a few good shots on them. I thought if I can kept them at bay and avoid the rangers, I could get through this.

   I have killed a small group of people. I feel, a little guilt from taking a life. But, I feel I have done this before. Maybe it has to do with my past life? Anyways, I am looting their bodies and after I am done, I will move on up to the camp.

   The camp is quite large now that I look at it from here. There is a stairway to a building pretty high up and a doorway that most likely goes into the hill. I think I will check up the stairs first since if I was an evil bandit leader, I would want the high ground.
   Going up the stairs, a group of people heard me and run down the stairs to find me. Wow, they didn't hear their group of friends dying? With them all the way down the stairs, I take a head shot and get rid of the melee user. I can avoid arrows a lot easier then a giant hammer coming at my face. I then took out the magic user followed by the archer and smile at my victory. Maybe I should have been a headhunter? Anyways, I now am going check the main chamber.

   Inside the main chamber, I find myself a chest and a unique looking book. I think I found the bandits loot so now I am pretty excited. If someone is reading this and they are poor, do what I did. Learn how to use a weapon, take out a bandit camp, instantly have allot of money!

   Wow, I found a book on Smithing! I will make sure to read this thoroughly and make the most out of the book. Now, it's time to check the main loot and see what it has for me.

   It has some gems, money, and a new weapon to use on the bandits! This must be one of those magical items. I don't care for magic, but I must say, I like the feel of this weapon! Alright, now that I have an ax and a bow, let's head into the camp.

   Alright, so this is going to be very dangerous and stupid. I am going into the camp where the bandit leader most likely is. I am having some second thought. My head may have swelled up there from the excitement and money, but didn't I already get allot from the chest? Didn't I already prove to myself that I am strong?
   No, I am second guessing myself. I know the legends of Bleaks Fall Barrow and how dangerous it is. If I go there, I need to make sure I don't second guess my strength. I am going to force myself to enter but I am going to stealthy about it. Not that my stealth has proven itself yet.

   The inside of the camp kinda looks like a cave. Great, a fire is in the middle of the room. Looks like I am not gonna be able to stealth my way past this! To the right, there is a pathway going down, I think I will shoot down there and see if I can hit somebody.

   Note to self, DON'T randomly shoot down a tunnel and alert a group of bandits! The bandit leader was decently easy to take care of but this guy next to me, this guy was a jerk! I am taking everything he owned and I am definitely going to sell his two handed ax with MY blood covering it.
   I am literally shaking from the near death experience, I never felt something so scary. But, I felt it isn't the first time this has happened either? I don't understand why I feel I have done this... so I am going to ignore it.
   Anyways, I think I hear one other guy and I need to to take him out as well. Maybe inside, I will find some more stuff to sell for the trip to Bleaks Fall Barrow.

It's hard to see, but look at the bow on the ground.

   I found an archer who was ten feet from his dead friends doing combat. This man must have been deaf! But, there is one thing I am smiling about, he had a composite shortbow! This kinda bow isn't even found in Riverwood! This baby should help me kill the enemies allot easier once they get in close range!
   Now, behind the dead body is a locked door. I have several lock picks and I think I am going to pick the door to get through. I haven't found a key on any of these guys unfortunately. It may be a while so I will update you with what I find.

   Inside, I found me a little storeroom. It looks like the bandits held the most valuable things above ground. Now the smartest of moves but hey, now I have the bandit money coming in as well. Anyways, I am going to head back and collect my reward after I sell this loot and possibly, resupply.

   Heading back, I am greeted with another stunning view of Whiterun, if only I had someone to draw this view to add into my journal. But that would take days and I am near a giant's camp so that isn't happening.
   But, I have noticed something a little odd. Right behind Whiterun, I see a little light and it's illuminating the rocks. I guess I should investigate what this is so I will update you with what I find.

   Bandits! Had to be bandits. They warned me to back off but since they are so close to town, I couldn't let them live. I quickly fought them off and I am now looking through their stuff. Am I becoming a bad person or is that just the guilt of taking another life?

   I found a book that helps me steal a little easier! Great, I am not a thief. I may kill those who wish to harm others, but I am no thief. Wait, I think I came up with the answer. These bandits wish to harm others so why should I feel guilty over killing them? I guess I should deal with them when I find them. The country is already dealing with enough with the war, why need bandits that are taking advantage of it?

   I quickly headed back to Whiterun and I find my main main Belethor standing in the same place. I greeted him and showed him my dozens of armor pieces. He questioned where I got them and why they were covered in blood and I said he doesn't want to know. He took them anyway and I get a nice amount of coin from the gems and other things.
   I asked Belethor if he knew of a place I can get some arrows and possibly, other hunting supplies. He then proceeded to tell me of a shop near the gate and I tipped him for the information. Now, I am going to head to the shop and hopefully, get some rest before heading out.

   I was heading to the store but I find this ass hole called Nazeem. I swear, he must have been the kinda kid his mother always wanted to slap, but never did. Right then and there, I wanted to show him what I did to a group of bandits, but I decide to leave him alone and head towards the shop.

   I have met a new friend, his name is Elrindir and he is definitely the man to get me what I need. I bought a ton of arrows and now, I am basically broke. I think I am going to head to the inn to rest after all this walking. Then, I will head to get my reward and possibly, go to Bleak Falls Barrow.

   Now on the balcony of the room I rented in the Inn, I am taking a load off and I feel great! I killed allot of people but they deserved it. I think a little bit of an ego is developing but if you took out a group of bandits by yourself, you would too! I think I will relax and update you once I head up to Dragonsreach.

Now level 5, here is the perks I choose!

Focus (2/5): You draw bows 15% faster and deal 15% mroe damage with any bow. Crossbows ignore 70% armor.

Eagle Eyes (1/2): Pressing block while aiming will zoom in your view.

Point Blank (1/3): With shortbows, you deal 5% more damage against enemies with 30 feet range, 10% more damage against enemies within 20 feet range, and 15% more damage against enemies within 10 feet range.

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