Monday, September 22, 2014

Sylvir's P1-6: Backstory (Without Pictures)

Journal Post 1: Currently, I am locked away in a chamber. I am now a test subject for the Blind Moth Priests. They say they are going to test something on me. It's probably due to me being... that. I am starting to make a journal so if anyone reads this, they will know of the horrors I am experiencing here. They have many painful looking tools and they are all to use on me. Anyways, I'll update you after something happens.

Journal Post 2: The first day is over and my chest hurts like no other. Their experiment involves studying the elder scroll and scarring the markings found on it... on my body. I feel weak but to keep my sanity, I must write as much as a I can. For now, I need to rest.

Journal Post 3: A month has passed and every day is the same. They slowly slice my skin and force the cuts to scar. I am beginning to lose myself and pray, they finish soon. It isn't getting easier to write, so that is why I haven't updated in awhile. Hopefully, I can tell you all about this after they finish.

Journal Post 4: Allot has happened and I don't even remember writing these previous posts. I am going to write down what a dying priest said. They finished the experiment by finishing the markings on my body. As they did so, the fabric of reality itself shook. The elder scroll disappeared from existence and the markings on my body disappeared. A strange tattoo appeared on my body and that is when things started getting really weird. The priests met themselves from different dimensions and it was as if the world itself was about to shatter. Some unexplainable things happened and most of the priests died during this. The elder scroll stabilized and now, I am apparently a living elder scroll that can no longer be studied. Due to this, I have lost my memories and now, I am apparently a tear between dimensions. I don't exactly understand everything going on, but I must get out of here.

Journal Post 5: The Imperials have caught me, they have sentenced me to be jailed up in Skyrim and studied. I don't think after today, I am going to update this journal. They will find it and read everything I have written. After that, the only thing I will have is my own thoughts.

Journal Post 6: Actually, some strange things are happening. I was in a cell... being studied. But then, the world around me changed! I am in a cell... all alone. It's like I was abandoned. Even so, now I may have a chance to escape. Maybe once I am out, I can discover my past and figure out what is going on with this elder scroll business. Now, my updates will continue... and this... will be my new story.

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  1. No pictures but this will get the setting ready. Next post will be a nice time from now, because of my slow internet. :(