Friday, September 26, 2014

Bam's P1-6: Elsewhere (Without Pictures)

   Before we get started, know that Bam's journal is... harder to read. But, so you don't have to translate dumb, I am going to translate it for you so it's easier to read and not annoying. Just know, Bam usually never uses the world I and is usually Me. That is an example of what is truly in his journal and why I am "translating" it for you. Anyways, to the story!


Journal Post 1:
   My name is Bam and I have decided to start a journal of my life. My mother told me that I am going to become a famous Orc one day. I am going to become a great warrior and I want to have a story of me making it to the top.
   I am about to train for the day and hopefully, I get a chance to fight my father. I doubt I am strong enough to beat him but, I can always try.

Journal Post 2:
   It's been a few days and I finally got a chance to fight my father. Today, he kicked my ass and unfortunately, he said I am too weak for my age. This, didn't put me in the greatest of moods...
   Apparently because of this, I am going to fight my brother and if I can't do some damage to him, some bad things are gonna happen.

Journal Post 3:
   My father has kicked me out of the stronghold. My brother easily took me down and my father said I am as weak as an elf. He gave me a knife and threw me out to fend for myself. Well I don't need him, I am going to become a famous Orc and I will return strong enough to make my father proud!

Journal Post 4:
   About a year has passed and I have nearly died several times. I have survived nature, bandits, magic jack asses, and the heat of Elsweyr. I know I am strong now so it is time to return to the stronghold and show my family what I am made of.

Journal Post 5:
   I just returned and a dragon was attacking the stronghold! I attacked the dragon and now, I am barely alive. I can't die here, I haven't gotten the chance for revenge...

Journal Post 6:
   I know what I did wrong when attacking that dragon. I did not have two things that is needed to fight the strongest of all creatures. I did not have enough killing instinct and I did not attack it stealthily. I know my kind usually just runs in and fights, but now my eyes are open. If I could attack with a killing instinct, attack in a stealthy manner, and if I could use my Orc strength in with the previous two, I can get revenge!
   I heard the dragon was originally sighted in Skyrim and has been flying all around Tamriel. I think I am going to Skyrim to learn these skills and adjust to the cold weather. Hopefully, that dragon will show up once I am strong enough to kill it. The journey across Tamriel will be long and treacherous but I know I can do it.

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