Friday, September 19, 2014

Introduction Part 1

Skyrim is a game I know well and love. I have played many hours of it yet I haven't done a long playthrough of the game. I haven't even done the Dragonborn DLC yet!

Here, I am doing a screenshot Let's Play of Skyrim that follows along (actually ahead) of my normal Let's Play. Think of this as a manga vs anime relationship. The screeshot Let's Play is the manga and the episodes is the anime (since I only post 2 epsiodes and an hour a day).

In this Let's Play, I will be using many mods! I will be improving every aspect of the game I can and enjoying the experience to the fullest. As for the story, the story is of three heroes. I won't be playing as one character, no, I am playing as three!

I am doing this by using a mod that allows other characters you chose into the game. They can follow you as companions and using the power of role-play, they will desire help to help the main character with his quest! Overall, I should be playing all major aspects of this game.


I won't be going over mods here. I am gonna have a separate page for that since my list will be huge. But I will go over the rules:

1) No fast travel. I will have to travel by foot, horse, or carriage to reach my destination.

2) Play in-character. I will avoid going out of character to the best of my ability, but if I do, I will have a note saying OOC.

I may add more to these rules as I go, but I see these first 2 rules staying completely the same. They add realness into the Let's Play.


Now that we have gone over the rules and introduction, let us get a little information on the characters... in the next post!

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