Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sylvir's P9: Jenessa

   After some nice relaxation, I decide to head out with a new plan in mind. I may be able to get some assistance to head into Bleaks Falls Barrow. But, it has to be someone who doesn't worry about getting up close and taking a few hits.

   I just asked Hulda about any rumors to see if I could find a side job to do and she tells me about a dying tree in town. This tree is called the Gildergreen and apparently, the Temple of Kynareth wants to restore it. If I do this, maybe the church will vouch for me if I get arrested.
   I plan to talk to speak to Danica and see if I can help somehow. Being on her good side is a great plan indeed. Now, I plan to collect my reward for killing that bandit leader.

   Outside, I find someone I haven't seen around Whiterun before. Looks like the town has some new inhabitants and I don't care for this one. I just pass by without saying a word to her.

   I just spoke with Jarl Balgruuf and I got about 400 gold for taking down the bandit leader. I then proceeded to ask him if he knew of somebody to help with the task he gave me. He thinks and after a moment, he tells me of a dark elf I can find in the hunting shop. I thanked him for the information and now, I am heading to meet the dark elf.

   Actually, I just realized something interesting about the throne here. Balgruuf has a dragon skull mounted above his head! I wonder what the history of the skull is and maybe some time, I should ask. But for now, I got a few jobs I wanna do.

   Well, I found the dark elf Jenessa and I gotta say, she took a nice sum of cash from me for her services. She seems to be a more evil type of person but as long as she fights well and doesn't do anything I don't like, I will continue to work with her.

   Outside, I finally get a good look at her. She is quite, attractive I must say. I like her weapon and I will trust her to protect me as I shoot down my enemies. Now, I told her that I am going to give her some tests before doing a big job. I want to see if she can stand doing simple jobs with me and if she can take down some bandits.

   I have met up with Danica and I must say, I am not pleased knowing this job isn't actually gonna be easy. I need to get a weapon called Nettlebane and bring it to her. Now only that, some Hagravens are guarding the weapon! This won't show me if Jenessa can put up with simple tasks but this will show me if she can do teamwork.

   We took a look at the map and it is near Helgen. Great, I guess this is an opportunity to travel back home and get some of the gear I left behind. I didn't think I would be doing this kinda stuff but hey, I will go back to my simple life once I take down that dragon.
   I tell her were going to head to get the weapon immediately. We grab what we need for the journey and eat a quick meal before heading out.

   Great, the moment we leave Whiterun, it starts to rain! Luckily we both have something to cover our head but I am gonna hate traveling in this rain. Hopefully soon, it will stop raining and we can get a little sunshine.

   Half way to Riverwood, I find a farmer that thinks he has what it takes to join the Stormcloaks. Lucky I am not involved with the Imperials or I would kill this guy. But, I am not so I just warn him about the dragon and continue my long journey.

   We're finally reaching Riverwood, it looks pretty nice from the bridge. I believe we're going to dry ourselves at the Inn and make my way to my camp. After all, we can freeze to death very quickly up in the mountains.

   I think the gods like making me mad. Ragnar the Red, that cursed song that put me in a bad mood. I wanna punch this guy but sadly, I don't need to get arrested by the local guard for assault. Jenessa seems she is enjoying the music though, so I guess there is an upside?
   After about an hour, were ready to head out. In the inn, me and Jenessa had some time to talk and apparently, she is a scary woman. She likes backstabbing and now she is working for me. I told her, "As long as you don't back stab me, I don't think you wanna get in a fight with me." She just laughed that off and we continue on our journey.

   Well, I showed her my camp and she didn't give me the happiest look in the world. Actually, Jenessa never gives me a happy look...

   Looks like she understands our situation, we need to wait for morning and making sure we have enough wood is a good idea. She cuts some logs for the fire and I tell her we will take turns watching for any attacks. I feel allot safer here with Jenessa, but the backstabbing part still worries me.

   I grabbed the valuables I left behind since I didn't expect to be out for so long. This way, I don't forget in the morning and she doesn't steal something while I am asleep. Again, she is a backstabber, trust went to shit when she said that. Anyways, we're going to wait for morning so I will write again once/if I wake up.

   Nothing is gone and my money is still there, seems she is ready to warm up before heading out. Sadly, the rain hasn't let up. We talked a bit and I told her more about the dragon I saw here. I also told her about my past and she said it is a dark story she couldn't imagine.
   Anyways, time to pass through Helgen and find that weapon. I will let you know what happens.

   I didn't expect to find witches here and it looks like Jenessa is having fun fighting. I absolutely hate spells and being hit by them is not fun at all.

   Seems our teamwork is pretty decent and my new bow, is amazing. The witches die with the weak armor and that is why I would never be a magic user. Anyways, we're going to make our way through the woods and hopefully, something is holding the weapon.

   Seems they think we're foolish. I just found a trap and disarmed it. It was a bear trap and I must admit, it would have hurt if I was a blind man running through the woods. Next time, put it in the grass where I couldn't see it. I am a hunter after all, I know these things.

   Looks like they are putting heads on spikes to scare people away. Would be scarier if it was a human head and not a rat head. But maybe this is some magic thing, I don't trust it. I could see this being some ritual for some supreme spell or something of the sort.

   We found one of the Hagravens and it threw giant fireballs at us. Me and Jenessa took a nice hit and we're not happy about it. This thing is an abomination and I don't like them.

   After searching it, I found Nettlebane! It is a small blade made of some ancient metal I never never seen. The blade is unique and once this is all over, I hope I can keep this as a trophy!
   Overall, I am happy with Jenessa and it seems she is happy with this arrangement. Well, she is smiling but is that anything different?
   I show her the blade and let her loot a few things before we head off to return the blade. Hopefully, this will get us some money.

   I'm currently in Helgen and look what view I get! I didn't pay much attention last time but I can see Bleak Falls Barrow from here. I am not looking forward to entering the dungeon and getting the Dragonstone. Who knows what I will find in there. Wouldn't it be horrible if that dragon uses the mountain as a nest? Anyways, time to head back to Whiterun. Good thing the rain is gone now.

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